Oliver Pereyra

New Jersey State Troopers along with Harrison Police Department assisted South Dakota Highway Patrol with presenting a brave 11 year old Oliver Pereyra with South Dakota Highway Patrol Superintendent’s Life Saving Award in Harrison, N.J. on Friday, Sept. 17, 2021. On March 9th of this year South Dakota Highway Patrol was dispatched to a crash with injuries, where a Honda Pilot lost control and entered icy water next to the roadway. With water temperatures just above freezing, an outside temperature of 39 degrees and wind gust of 24 miles per hour, 11 year old passenger Oliver Pereyra assited in getting 6 other passengers out of the vehicle as it began to sink. Two young family members who were buckled in went under water as the vehicle was submerged. Oliver without hesitation went in the water and freed both small children and got them to safety before they drowned. (New Jersey State Police / Trooper Charles Marchan)